December Wrap Up

December Wrap Up

I can’t believe that Christmas was here and is gone already! This year Christmas seemed to fly by faster than normal. I must say that I wish I could have slowed down time because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were wonderful, but it felt like a whirlwind!

I had a lot of fun this month by keeping a few traditions as well as being part of a new one! This was the first year that I went through the holiday without all of my grandparents. One tradition as a child was that I would go to my grandparents house and watch, learn, and have hands-on training on how to use clothespins wrapped in foil and roll and fill ladylocks. This was the first year that my grandma was not with us. My aunt decided to bring back the tradition and attempt to make these light, delicate, delicious cookies. There were definitely some obstacles, such as trying to get it “just right” (like Grandma and Grandpa use to do) and then the power going off at the beginning, but that only led to more wine spritzers, shared memories, and laughter. At the end of the night and 380+ beautiful ladylocks later, we reached our goal of making our Grandma and Grandpa’s traditional ladylocks! (I’m sure they were proud and smiling from above!)

Another tradition that is a MUST is getting a live Christmas tree! There is nothing better and more fun than driving, hiking, and searching to find the “perfect” tree and sawing it down yourself! I was getting a little nervous as time was trickling down, and obstacles due to illness and weather played a role in almost running out of days to get a tree. Once we found our “perfect” tree, we had to be patient and let it warm and drop before decorating it. Each year at Christmas, we get a new ornament (another family tradition). I love the feeling each year when we decorate the tree, reminiscing of all the ornaments from the over the years and looking back on some of them and the memories that go with them as we hang them on the tree.

You cannot have Christmas without my mom’s fabulous sugar cookies! It is so much fun to bake these yummy cookies! The past few years, I have invited my aunts and cousins to come over and help ice and decorate the cookies! This year, I added a new “moose” cookie cutter from the movie, “Christmas Vacation,” which is one my favorite Christmas movies! Our cookies turned out awesome! They are even better because of our own personal touch and creativity! I will say that we get requests for our sugar cookies on a yearly basis! (So they must be pretty tasty!)

Christmastime is a beautiful time! I love looking at Christmas lights and decorations! This year, I was fortunate enough to visit Nemacolin Woodlands during the holiday. I walked into the life-size gingerbread house, saw the beautiful nativity, and walked through the resort and just took in the beautiful lights, decorations, the Santa, and the popular, “Joe Hardy ornaments” that decorate one of the trees!

Holiday food, what more do I have to say?! I had some of the most amazing food two days in a row! I love my fish dishes Christmas Eve and had such a wide variety of traditional entrees, sides, and desserts on Christmas Day!

This holiday was definitely not as normal as usual due to the loss of my Grandpap in September and my Grandma in January. Keeping busy and trying to keep traditions alive helped me to get through the season. Being with my family this year was very important to me. I wish time wouldn’t move so quickly, but there is nothing I can do to stop it. Cherish the time you have with the ones you love! I was fortunate to have had as many years as I did with my Grandpap and Grandma. We try our hardest to keep them alive by celebrating as they would have and keep the holidays magical. I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday this year!


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