Spring has Sprung! 10 Things I Love About Spring

Spring has Sprung! 10 Things I Love About Spring!

Spring has sprung! In the Uniontown/Pittsburgh region, we have been fortunate to have some beautiful, warm, sunny spring days lately. I love that nature is coming alive again! Green leaves on trees, blooms popping out of the ground, birds singing…all these simple things that we often take for granted, that we should truly appreciate are slowly becoming present again!

One thing that I get so much enjoyment out of, is just sitting outside on a beautiful day. I’ll be the first one to admit that I am a much happier person when the sun is shining! Anytime it’s a nice day, and I have some free time, I make sure to go outside. Sometimes it is to read, sip on tea or coffee, admire my flowers, or pull weeds. Although sometimes, I make an effort to just sit there, and look at my surroundings-the clouds, feel the breeze on my skin, capture nature’s beauty, and just sit and take it all in!

10 Things I Love About Spring

  1. Flowers begin to bloom.

  2. Grass turns green.

  3. Birds return and sing.

  4. Brainstorm ideas for the patio and garden.

  5. Get the outside ready-hose down, pull weeds, rake leaves.

  6. Pastels.

  7. No more bulky clothing.

  8. Fun dresses.

  9. Flip Flops.

  10. Drive with the windows down.

Here is a Spring Bucket List that I have come up with. I made it awhile ago, but hey, life happens, you know, and now I can check some of these things off the list already! : )  What is on your spring bucket list?

Spring Bucket List