Best Childhood Memories of Fall

Best Childhood Memories of Fall

Fall is in the air and I’m loving every minute of it! I have had so many great memories over the years which have led me to believe that many of them are the reasoning to why I enjoy this season so much!  Apples, Pumpkins, Leaves, Fall Fashion, Getting Cozy on Chilly Nights, Bonfires, etc…I LOVE IT ALL!

Growing up I would love watching the leaves begin to change colors and taking a ride up into the mountains to look at the beautiful fall foliage of the Laurel Highlands Mountains. The air would be crisp and the sun shining on the leaves was such a breathtaking and radiant sight! My favorite fall trip a few years ago was when I traveled to Deep Creek, Maryland for the Autumn Glory Festival. Once again, amazing fall scenery as you are cruising through Deep Creek and Oakland, Maryland.


Next, were the common traditions as a child, in which I still try to keep the tradition going year after year. There is something that excites me about going to a pumpkin patch and searching through hundreds of different orange shaded pumpkins with various shapes and sizes in the patch and searching for the “perfect” pumpkin to bring home and carve for Halloween! After picking pumpkins we used to walk to the checkout register and choose the boldest Indian corn and fun shaped gourds to put out for display when we got home. The tradition of watching, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” has been one of my favorite shows since as far as I can remember. It doesn’t matter how old I am, I can still sit and watch it and it never seems to get old. It remains a favorite of mine, and it is a reminder that Halloween is near! As the last week in October comes around, that is the week of pumpkin carving! The best part of carving pumpkins is removing the seeds knowing that I will be baking them soon to make my favorite traditional pumpkin seeds.  I CANNOT go a Halloween without them!!!

Here are two pictures from several years ago of two of the best carvings on a pumpkin that I have ever done.  (I never said that I was an artist, but I was proud of my work here.)

l  My love for Snoopy

melissas-pumpkin-2010-2  Let’s Go Pens!!!

Speaking of pumpkins…Here are a few ways to get creative and decorate them.

Ways to Decorate Pumpkins


Although I am usually all about tradition, this year I have noticed some awesome and creative ways to decorate pumpkins. It’s time to go outside of the box and stray away from solid orange! I love, love, love white pumpkins! I think that they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have also been seeing some black, grey, and light blue pumpkins this year and they are quite an eye catcher. The new use of materials added to pumpkins are a great way to add character and fun to your home. Simple materials such as metallic sharpie markers, printed papers, dried florals, and washi tape make endless possibilities towards creating unique pumpkins.


I really liked some of the ideas shown in this article from PureWow. Here is the link to the article: 13 Chic Ways to Dress Up Your Pumpkin This Halloween.

Advice from a Pumpkin




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